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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Chocolate Easter Bunny

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Easter celebration is incomplete with chocolate Easter bunny rabbit. There can be many symbols such as chocolate eggs and basket of jellybeans but what stands out is the chocolate rabbit. This is considered as the most worthy to be eaten during this festive occasion. A variety of chocolate Easter bunny rabbit are available in the market. Only the top gourmet chocolate rabbit experience is remembered.

Popular Chocolate Easter Bunny

Below here we provide you a list of popular chocolate rabbits from the world renowned chocolatiers.

Mr. Goodtimes Easter Bunny from Lake Champlain Chocolates

The sixteen and half inches long and three pound chocolate bunnies are very popular. These bunnies are hand made. The price of a bunny chocolate is around $85.

The Famous Robert L. Strohecker Assorted Rabbit from Harbor Sweets

Chocolate bunnies are available of different flavors. This weighs around five ounces and costs around $15.95 to $17.50. Toasted almonds, almond butter crunch, toasted almonds and caramel with pecans are used to prepare this.

Exotic Rabbits from Vosges Chocolates

Vosges Chocolates sells tiny chocolate bunnies during Easter. The major feature of these chocolates are their taste. Chocolates are available in four different flavors - Red Fire, Gianduja, Barcelona and Almalfi.

Mr. Chocolate’s Easter Bunny from Jacques Torres Chocolate

These are very popular. The bunnies are nearly ten inches tall. This costs around $17.00.

Standing Bunny with Basket from Martine’s Chocolates

This is wonderfully painted and 8.25 inches long. This costs around $49.99.

Giant Chocolate Rabbit from Conrad’s Confectionery

This is indeed a big chocolate bunny. This is twenty six inches tall and weighs more than six pounds. It is recommended to crack this with a hammer and during cracking proper eye protection should be taken.

Hand Painted Calico Bunny from Moonstruck Chocolate Company

This is made of milk and painted with dark and white shades. 2.25 ounce and 7.13 ounce chocolates are available. Prices are respectively $6.00 and $15.00.

Christmas Carnivals offers you interesting ideas on Chocolate Easter Bunny. We wish you Happy Easter and bon appetite!

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