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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Easter Hot Cross Buns

Easter Hot Cross Buns

Easter is the oldest and the most important Christian Festival. It is the festival of celebration—celebration of new life—celebration of Jesus Christ coming to life again. Actually, he never died; he went up to heaven to his Father. Hence, It is the time for Christians to remember the last week of Jesus' life. In fact, for Christians, Easter Sunday approaches with the message of new life. Hence, this special and First Sunday after New Moon is celebrated with great pomp and vigor. There is great feasting and Easter Hot Cross Buns are the favorite dish for all.

Christians are in their high spirits during this occasion since this festival has a tremendous importance for them in their religious faith. It is celebrated and welcomed with lots of love and warmth and by feasting with scrumptious food. Easter Egg, Lamb and Cake or Bread are typical Easter Specials/Symbols. And the most popular English bread is the Easter Hot Cross Bun. Generally, the Easter Hot Cross Buns are enjoyed on Good Friday. These Hot Cross Buns—with the combination of cream and bread and available in spicy, sweet and fruit flavor–is just too mouth-watering to resist during Easter Week. Moreover, it is an age-old tradition to eat Easter Cross Buns on this celebrations.

As the Easter Sunday and the celebration usher in a new life—Easter symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ to life-so also the Hot Cross Buns send across a message. In fact, the pastry on the top of the buns symbolizes and reminds us of the Cross, on which Lord Jesus was crucified. These buns taste all the more delicious when they are eaten hot—coming directly out from the oven. And normally, the Hot Cross Buns deck up the breakfast table and Christians fill their tummies with these yummy and creamy buns. Indeed, these Hot Cross Buns were once also sold by the street vendors, who even sang a song for it: “Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns, / One a penny, two a penny, / Hot cross buns”.

Christmas Carnivals offers you an insight into Easter Hot Cross Buns. For more information, keep browsing the pages of this site. Stay tuned!

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