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Easter World

Easter celebrations mark the victory of life over dead. The festival is dedicated to show respect to Lord Jesus who sacrificed his life so as to make up for the sins of His dear ones. Easter around the world is celebrated with great pomp and glory.

Easter in Brazil

Brazil celebrates Easter with great pomp and splendor. Unlike other countries, Easter celebrations here take place during autumn. According to their Easter traditions, the Brazilians start their day with holy week rituals. Worshipping Mother Nature is yet another important aspect of Easter celebrations in Brazil. In a nut shell, Easter implies festive time or rather a time to make merry and express joy.

Easter in Australia 

People from round the globe reside in Australia; hence the celebrations differ from place to place. Those coming from the Anglo-Irish backgrounds celebrate mainly on Easter Sunday. They start their day by visiting churches. Easter eggs are exchanged and many families also arrange for an Easter egg hunt in their gardens or homes. They also prepare traditional meals which includes roasted lamb, chicken or beef, with boiled vegetables like pumpkin, carrots and potatoes.

Easter in Bulgaria

Easter holds a significant position in the Bulgarian calendar. Beginning with Palm Sunday, the holy week extends up to the Great day. Easter is commonly referred to as "Velikden" in Bulgaria. Easter traditions in Bulgaria are derived from Eastern Orthodox Church rituals. Easter breads and bright red colored eggs known as "kozunak" or "kolache" are major symbols of Easter here.

Easter in Canada

The Canadian shops are streets are flooded with goodies on Easter. The state landmarks are decorated with colorful and bright lights. Most of the government offices, businesses, liquor shops as well as banks remain closed on Easter. On Easter, people start their day by visiting the churches, and the later half of the day is reserved for family get together, Easter eggs décor and Easter egg hunts.

Easter in England

Easter celebrations in England last for about one week. The three most significant days are Good Friday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter Sunday. The important symbols of spring and Easter include rabbits and bunnies.

Easter in USA

Formerly, Easter celebrations didn’t enjoy much privilege in the United States. The essential cause behind this was that the Puritans were not in favor of the religious ceremonies and rituals. However, after the Civil war came to an end, Easter celebrations were recognized here. The early initiators of Easter in the United States were the Presbyterians. Today, special services are organized in churches for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Eggs, hares, rabbits, and young animals are believed to be an important symbol of Easter. Easter egg hunt is a popular game that is played in the United States on Easter. In the United States, Easter also marks an auspicious day for weddings.

Though Easter customs around the world differ from one another, yet they all convey the same idea, i.e. to have fun and make merry.

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