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Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas centerpiece
There’s a lot that goes into planning Christmas dinner: a guest list, the main course, dessert and, of course, decorations. The lights and tree will be up, but what about when you sit down at the table? Carry the holiday spirit over by adding a beautiful Christmas centerpiece!

Depending on the amount of time you have, you can create a simple or extravagant design to match your theme (or not match it!) with a few inexpensive items. The unique flowers and greenery we associate with Christmastime produce a pleasing contrast that can be livened up by the presence of ornaments or small gifts. Below are some ideas to try that only require a few minutes’ worth of set up but will make it look like you spent hours.

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

1.Candles are a popular choice and can be put together in all sorts of ways. There are decorative varieties that can almost stand alone, while others look best while placed in the midst of flowers, wreaths or other holiday decorations.

2.Take old wine or champagne bottles and fill them half-full with water. Slide the long, slender stems of a floral bouquet down through the opening and place the arrangement on the table.

3.Have some old wrapping paper you’re looking to get rid of? Find some empty boxes and wrap them! These “gifts” will be a great reminder of childhood memories and may even spark some conversation.

4.In some areas, wintertime means pine cones are strewn about the ground. Pick up a few you find appealing and use gold or silver spray paint to give them a shine. Or, if you have children who enjoy crafts, allow them to cover pine cones with glue and sprinkle glitter all over, then shake off the excess to give your decorations a personal touch.

5.If you are pressed for time, grab an unused glass baking dish and fill it with ornaments. It sounds unorthodox, but it’s an easy way to make a play on the festive meal you are serving.

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Last Updated :- 9 December, 2011

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