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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Easter in Brazil

Easter in Brazil

Easter in Brazil is celebrated with immense magnificence and sumptuousness. Unlike other countries, Easter celebrations in Brazil are held during autumn, because of its geographical location. The coming of Easter is marked by huge preparations and you’ll find everybody geared up for the occasion. According to the Brazil culture, the people start their day with the Holy Week ceremonies. They weave palm branches to make letters, banners, crosses as well as other objects. Pacoca a special Brazilan cuisine is prepared on Easter.

Gala carnivals and fete form an important segment of Brazil traditions and are held for commemorating the rebirth of Jesus. Rio de Janeiro held at the Mardi gras is rated amongst the top carnivals held all around the world. You’ll find large processions with people marching, dancing and singing in this carnival. The participants dress themselves in bright exotic clothes, or with costumes made on large wire structures. Big floats with stands for dancing and singing are set up on Lorries and cars that participate in the parade.

According to Brazil traditions, the cars and Lorries are decorated as colorfully as the people. In simple, words, the perfect blend of colorful people and their vehicles help make the procession look all the more amazing.

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