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Decorations Christmas

With November coming to an end almost every one is gearing up for winter holidays and Yuletide vacations. Decorations Christmas the two words are synonymous. The season is about spreading good cheer and attractive embellishments to the home and workplace help brighten up the atmosphere.

If you donít wish to spend much on decorations this yuletide; try out these simple and effective ideas to enliven your space this yuletide.

If you have old magazines at home that you intend to get rid of; you can actually use them to make lovely X Mas decorations! Tear the pages of an old magazine neatly. Keep each page in an horizontal direction and fold it into half. Cut the page and re-fold both the pieces into halves. Do the same with the rest of the pages of the magazine. Use a good glue to stick these folded paper halves such that the end result looks like a Japanese fan. Take out your last yearís Christmas ornaments box. Take a few used trimmings and stick them onto this fan. Add gold and silver glitter and stick a star or a bell on the edge. Hang it with a red satin ribbon at the entrance!

Another interesting decoration you could make is use left over tissue papers and make balls out of them. Cover them with glittering wrapping paper and hang them on to your Christmas tree!

Christmas Decorations
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