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Unique Christmas Gifts

Make gifting this season a fun affair. Don’t just shop for standard stuff, label them and give out gifts. Instead make a list of people who are special to you. Give some thought as to what would make them happy. Hand pick gift items for them and add a personal touch with hand written messages. Try and invest in unique Christmas gifts.

Avoid chocolates, sweets and cakes this season. Be a bit more specific when choosing a present. For example if you want to buy something for your grandfather, get him a quirky joke book! Or get your grandmother a fancy hair dryer set!

If you have children around the house, hand knit multi-colored stockings and mufflers for them. Believe it or not they are likely to treasure these way better than fancy toys or expensive gadgets. Oh and by the way there is no kid in the world who wouldn’t appreciate an outdoor sports kit, be it baseball, badminton, skates or any other sport!

Gift your wife a spa therapy session and a box of almonds. Show her you care! And in case you are looking for something for a finicky husband, get him a sporty baseball jersey!

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