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Christmas Tree Shop

Christmas Tree Shop
The symbols of the holiday season are many – presents and lights, ornaments and wreaths – but the festive period doesn’t officially start until you head to the Christmas tree shop and pick out the ideal evergreen for your celebration. Like a monument to the spirit of giving, your Douglas fir or Scotch pine will stand in the living room as a beacon calling reminiscing adults and gift-shaking children until the morning of December 25th.

In order to have something to put presents under, though, you will have to do some looking at a local lot or on a specialty farm. The process of selecting the perfect tree can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these simple tips and you can be sure you’ll get the best one every time:

Measure the room

Before you even leave the house, take a minute to figure out the exact area you have available. How high is the ceiling? Will your tree have to fit in between two pieces of furniture? Having these dimensions and a tape measure in hand when you go out will eliminate many “almost but not quite” options.

Know what species you want

It may sound a bit ridiculous to research your tree – they’re all green and triangular, right? – but there are significant differences in shape and care instructions based on the type of tree you purchase. On top of that, you’ll be able to find out what’s common to your region, which will give you a leg up on determining if certain kinds are shipped in (making them more likely to die fast).

Test the tree

Like with any other purchase, you want to see what you’re buying. Start by visiting during daylight hours so you can see the true color of the needles. Wrap your hand around a branch, then slide it down the length to see if anything comes off (it shouldn’t) and whether it bends without breaking (it should). What kind of odor does it give off? Is the characteristic pine smell evident or does it smell musty? All of these are indicators of a tree’s health, so take a few minutes to run through them.

Don’t be afraid to check elsewhere

If you’ve looked at several trees and can’t seem to find one that works out, head somewhere else. Trust your instincts if you feel like the trees lack freshness or will struggle to fit in the space you have set aside at home. Your Christmas tree is the central figure of your decorating scheme, so if you compromise on that decision it will affect everything else. Shop around and make it a family adventure.

Be sure to recycle

When the holidays are over and the time comes to take everything down until next year, avoid the temptation to just throw it on the curb and wait for the garbage man to pick it up. Thanks to a growing number of recycling programs, cities are using the mulch from old Christmas trees in parks and gardens – or for rebuilding coastal beaches after hurricane season and even in flu vaccines, as with the case of a pharmaceutical company from Toronto, Canada. It’s amazing to know the good done by your gorgeous evergreen can extend beyond the holiday season, isn’t it? When you finally put down the cash for your tree, ask the person you buy from if they are aware of any programs in your city or go online to find out what is available.
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