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Easter is the greatest Christian feast day. In the year 2013, Christians will celebrate this day on Sunday, 31st March 2013. Christians believe that Lord Jesus got resurrected on this auspicious day after crucifixion.

Know more about Easter

  • 50 days of Easter Celebration
  • What is it?
  • Origin of the word ‘Easter’
  • Story

50 days of Easter Celebration

Origin Of Easter

Easter is celebrated over a period of 50 days.

Easter Sunday is a joyful day for the Christians. It is the 8th day of Easter, which is also known as Octave of Easter. This is one of the most important celebrations of Christians that continues for fifty days. This period of celebration starts from Ascension of Our Lord and continues till Pentecost Sunday. Christians believe that on this day Jesus defied death. They feast on this day to celebrate ‘feast of faith’.

Easter does not have a fixed day every year. It is celebrated is celebrated anywhere from 22nd March and 25th April. In the year 2013, Easter Sunday will be celebrated on 31st March.

Easter – What is it?

It is one of the oldest festivals of Christians. It is believed by Christians that Lord Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday after he was crucified. On this day, Christians enjoy through various ways, especially by having sumptuous feasts. The unique message of its celebration is the celebration of new life.

What is the origin of the word ‘Easter’?

Easter Eggs
According to folklore, ‘Eostre’ is the word, as per pagan traditions, from which ‘Easter’ came from. The month of April, as per Anglo-Saxon, is called ‘Eostre-monath’, which means month of openings.

Is there any Story associated with Easter?

Easter is essentially associated with the last days of the Christ till his death and thereafter. Some of the important days involved are Maundy Thursday (the day of last supper), Good Friday (the shameful day when Christ was crucified), and Easter Day (the day of resurrection).

The story tells about the heinous crime of killing a peaceful person, who wanted to liberate mankind from the clutches of cruelty and despair. Though the story essentially tells about the last few days of Christ, till he was killed, it is not a sob story. It is because after he sacrificed his life for the sake of mankind, he came back to meet his friends and followers. Ultimately he left for heaven to be one with the God.

Dates for Easter Sunday, 2011-2020

Year Date
2011 April 24
2012 April 8
2013 March 31
2014 April 20
2015 April 5
2016 March 27
2017 April 16
2018 April 1
2019 April 21
2020 April 12

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