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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Mystery of Easter Island

Mystery of Easter Island

An isolated Island the Easter Island has a unique history of its own and there are several mysteries related to the island. The island is indeed a strange place with various statues and artistic culture. It was in the year 1722 that Captain Jacob Roggeveen who was from Holland visited the island on Easter and named it the Easter Island.

The massive statues and huge rocks are a major attraction and stand guard as if protecting the populaces of the island from its unknown visitors.

More On Mystery Of Easter Islands

  • The people in the early times who settled in this island were regarded to be Polynesian though the Island in its early history has considerable proof that the Polynesians were mutually associated by other South American people.

  • The Easter Island that is made from volcanic rock in the shape of a triangle is one of the unknown mysteries of the Island.

  • There are several questions put across to know the mystery that is shrouded in the Easter Island and the answers do not seem to please anyone.

  • Various people have given a complete knowledge about the statues in the island, which made them and the like yet no answer seems to have an appeal on the people.

  • It is still not known even to this day who has made the massive statues known as Moai in the island. The utilization and purpose of the moai statues have not been clearly explained by scholars.

  • The carving and erection of these statues is believed to come up from the Polynesian culture and appear to have developed in a unique manner on Easter Island.

  • The statues on the Easter Island are regarded to be representation of authority and supremacy in both the religious and political spheres.

  • These statues were not only considered to be symbols but also for the people who made them upright and utilized them these statues were considered to be sacred and holy.

  • While there may be several unknown things about the Easter Island yet the place is one of the major tourist attractions to this day.

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