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Christmas Candle Decorations

Christmas Candle Decoration
Candles are the soft glow to the world of hope and happiness. Must say,Christmas candles are hot favorite this season. Lit candles , singly or in groups, offer an ambience that electrical lighting simply cannot simulate. Christmas Candles are a boon for both budget-conscious homemakers and luxury-level interior designers alike.

  • This Christmas rewind the time and go back to days when candles were the main source of household illumination. Light Christmas Candles through each room in the house by artfully decorating each with its individual style.

    Here are some hot tips for Christmas Candle decorations.

    Seaside Candle Decoration

  • Pour wax, with a wick, into large seashells, and light the Candles in the bathroom, for a seaside theme. It will soothe your senses as well as give a tropical feel to your Christmas Decorations. Tea Lights Decorations

  • Light Christmas candles by the side of treasured artwork and unique pieces on the mantle. Tiny tea lights are the best choice for this type of Christmas candle Decorations.

    Christmas Candles and Vases

  • Lighting small candles inside milkglass vases and place them high on shelves for ambient lighting. It not only gives a pale whit glow but also creates the perfect atmosphere for a quite Christmas evening. Lantern Candle Decoration

  • Planning to give your house the Christmas look? Place lighted candles in hurricane lanterns on each step of foyer staircases, to provide architectural height and interest. Alternatively, small votives can light the path from an entry hall into the rest of the house. You can also put these Christmas Candles around the Christmas tree to give a special glow to it.

    Christmas Candle Holders

  • Household objects can make great candle holders - mis-matched china cups and saucers, terra-cotta flower pots from the shed, old candy and tart tins - whatever you have squirreled away, or whatever you dig up at garage sales. You can paint these items with Christmas colors to give them a festive look. Fireside Christmas Candle Decorations
  • Filling the fireplace with lit candles of all sizes and shapes to enhance your hearth. Not to mention it will set you apart from the usual Christmas fireside decorations.

    Floating Christmas Candle Decorations

  • Mix floating candles with tiny, lovely wildflowers in clear glass vases. They even suggest floating a few lemons in vases, with the candles and yellow flowers, for a kitchen citrus theme that delights the nose as well as the eyes.

  • Nighttime Christmas Candle Decorations
    Filling Mason jars with sand and inserting tapers, and placing around outdoor porches for a night time glow.

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