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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Easter Island

Easter Island

Planning for an Easter Island vacation is indeed a great idea! Easter Island is believed to be the most isolated colonized island of the world. This mysterious island is roughly located between Tahiti and Chile. The island is of triangular shape and chiefly comprises of volcanic rock. If you pass by the shoreline, then the first thing that would catch your eyes is the tiny coral formations. The coastline has multiple volcanic caves and lava tubes. You’ll find the sandy beaches on the northeast coast. The island is also known as 'the navel of the world' or Te Pito o TeHenua by the inhabitants of this inexplicable and charismatic place.

Easter Island, though a small island, comprises of a wealth of attractions. When you are eyeing on an Easter Island travel, make sure to visit the must see places like- Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Ahu Vinapu, Ahu Akivi, Ahu Naunau, Orongo and Ahu Tahai. The best part about the Easter Island is that it has attained the status of global heritage site marked by the United Nations. The ruins of Easter Islands are accessible as well.

The island is said to have the most transparent waters in the world. The other attractions include- beautiful caves, plant life, cliffs, coral, arches, sea turtles and a mass of color fish. You may also avail the scuba services and have a wonderful experience all together.

Now, if you are planning for a trip to Easter Island, you need to consider planning your stay as well. Following is a list of Easter Island hotels from where you may make a selection-

  • Hotel Hanga Roa
  • Hotel Altiplanico
  • Hotel Taha Tai
  • Hotel Otai
  • Hotel Iorana
  • Hotel Manutara
  • Hotel Taura
  • Hotel Vai Moana
  • Hotel Manavai
  • Hotel Chez Maria Gorreti
  • Hotel Martin y Anita
  • Hotel Chez Cecilia

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