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Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas Tree
Christmas tree is an integral part of the fiesta celebration. It was during the 7th century AD when the Christmas tree first began to be decorated.

The origin of the first artificial Christmas tree came up during the 19th century in Germany. Like the branches in a tree the artificial Christmas trees were made from green dyed goose feathers wound onto sticks drilled into a larger one. The artificial Christmas trees look stunningly attractive when beautifully adorned with glistening ornaments. These type of were introduced in the US in the year 1913.

About Artificial Christmas Tree:

  • One interesting point to note about the artificial Christmas trees is that they were produced by the industries, which made brushes. Initially the artificial Christmas trees were made using animal hair, plastic bristles, dyed pine green color and inserted between twisted wires that form the branches.

  • The artificial Christmas trees when first made appeared like long needled pine trees. The people in the past-considered Christmas trees like cherry and hawthorns as important Christmas trees. Gradually with the passage of time people realized the importance of Christmas trees and regarded Christmas trees like Scotch pine, Douglas fir, Noble fir, Fraser fir, Virginia pine, Balsam fir and white pine as the most important ones.

The artificial Christmas trees are also favorite choices of the people these days for Christmas eve.

  • Slowly and steadily artificial Christmas trees began to get more popular. The artificial Christmas trees in the beginning used aluminum-coated paper and hence were vulnerable to fire. The year 2000 came to be most unforgettable year because it was at this time that the outdoor-branched trees made of heavy white enameled steel wires illuminated with miniature lights became popular.

  • Artificial Christmas trees have been greatly improved in the past one-decade that it is hampering the business of natural Christmas tree sellers.
  • These vast improvements in the manufacturing technologies of artificial Christmas trees have made them more in demand than the natural ones. These trees come with stands, which are strong and sturdy.

  • Artificial Christmas trees have many advantages over their live counterparts. Artificial Christmas trees are: Safe – These Christmas trees are safe, as they don't catch fire easily. On the other hand, the natural ones burn quickly.

  • Economical – Natural Christmas trees have to be changed every season as they degrade but artificial trees can be stored and re used.

  • Easy to clean – These are easy to clean as they don't create any mess whereas from the live trees needle fall and are difficult to clean

  • Pre lit – Some of the Christmas trees come with lights already on them. It saves the labor or hanging the lights

  • If you have a budget in mind then wait for the artificial Christmas tree sale in which you will get the tree at much reduced price. Some people do not like to spend a lot of their money on Christmas decorations; they prefer to get things in sale at reduced prices.

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