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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Easter Gift for Dad

Easter Gift for Dad

With Easter knocking at the door, you may be busy preparing a list of the people whom you would like to gift something special. Now, this list certainly includes your dad who has been showering you with gifts year long. But what do you think will make an ideal gift for dad?

Here are some gift ideas for dad from where you may make the needed selection-
  • A personalized gift basket is one amongst the popular Easter gifts for Dad. You may stuff the basket with stuffs that your dad finds interest in. For instance, if your dad likes coffee, then you may stuff the basket with items like a coffee mug, fine coffee grounds, or coffee flavored candies. Similarly, if he has a passion for a particular sport, then you may go in for a themed basket. To be more specific, if he loves baseball then gift him a baseball themed basket or if he loves football then gift him a football themed basket.
  • Gardening tools make great gifts for dad if he enjoys gardening. This is just an example, you need to find out what your dad finds interest in and buy him some equipment or tools to take up the desired hobby.
  • A scrapbook tops the list of homemade gifts for dad. Purchase a scrap book and fill it with memories, images, quotes and song lyrics that get along well with the personality of your dad. Consider collecting pictures from school photographs, family vacations and much more. Donít forget to add an Easter theme while decorating your scrapbook.
  • Newspaper subscription is a great gift idea if your dad enjoys reading newspapers.
  • Gift certificates from his favorite shop are perhaps the best gift as it allows him the freedom to buy anything he desires to.
  • For more exciting information on Easter gifts keep surfing through the pages of Christmas Carnivals.
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