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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Flower Arrangement

Christmas Flower Arrangement

Christmas Flowers
Flowers add color and freshness to a room or wherever they are displayed. Arranging the flowers and getting them in one room or place surely uplifts the mood and look of the surroundings. A beautiful arrangement is all you need to bring out the essence of the room. During the Christmas festive season there are various Christmas Flower Arrangement that you can try at home.

What You Need

  • Large basket (that sits flat)
  • Styrofoam
  • Knife (to cut Styrofoam)
  • Pine branches
  • Poinsettias, other large flowers
  • Decorative wrapping paper, optional
  • Fake moss, optional
  • Ribbon for bow, optional
  • Scissors

    How To Make It Cut the Styrofoam to fit the basket. (Note: The Styrofoam has to fit the basket tightly and you need to cut smaller pieces and wedge them in to the spaces around the original rectangle. That gives a tight solid base to stick the arrangement in.)

    Order of adding flowers:

    Christmas Flowers arrangement
    A large filler (pine branches) that forms the base of the arrangement is the first thing that is required. After that you need to carefully position the large flowers but keep in mind that they should be less in number. After the large flowers are fixed then comes the smaller flowers like the holly sprigs. If there are gaps then small fillers can be used to cover them up or fake moss or crepe paper can also be used to cover up the foam if its seen. You can also add decorative wrapping paper and tie with a bow if you desire.

    Work from top down but lift it and look at it from different angles as you work to see the effect. Don't be afraid to take flowers out and move them around till you're happy with the effect. Pick the ones you want to use carefully at the beginning to get a good color and texture combination. Have fun doing it, it's great to do in a group as you can give each other advice and trade flowers. Those of you who are not to fond of arranging flowers or don have the time can also opt for some beautiful artificial Christmas flower arrangement.

    Floral Arrangement Materials One 12" vase

    Christmas Flowers decoration
    A block of floral foam (wet foam for fresh flowers-dry foam for silks)
    Three stems of delphiniums (peach)

    4 branches of peach blossom

    7 stems of open roses (peach or apricot)

    3 stems of open roses (white or cream)

    5 stems of hydrangeas (blue)

    3 sprays of camellias or mums

    2 stems of white or light pink roses with stamens

    3 stems of lilacs (purple-blue)

    6 stems of lilacs (white-pink)

    12 stems of fern

    2 yards of 2" wired ribbon

    1 wired wood floral pick

    Tools you will need ...

    Wire cutters

    Floral knife


    You may need floral clay to keep the floral foam snug in the vase.

    Christmas Roses
    You may also want to use floral tape to make a grid pattern on the top of the vase to help hold your flowers in place while you are arranging. If you want you can make this grid pattern easily by using floral netting on the top of the vase.

    If you are making this flower arrangement during Christmas with fresh flowers you will want to have floral stem wire available to strengthen and lengthen the stems, which will help you in arranging. See wiring techniques for more information on how to use wire.


    1. Cut floral foam to fit inside vase snugly.

    2. Insert the tallest stems first to determine the shape of the arrangement.

    3. Taper the flowers down and fill out the arrangement with the roses and the lilacs.

    4. Fill in the empty space with the fern.

    5. Make a ten inch wide, 4 loop bow (see directions for loopy bow) with 11" tails and wire to a floral pick. Insert in the front of the arrangement.

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