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Christmas Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon
When it comes time to wrap the presents you’re giving your loved ones, picking out the ideal Christmas ribbon to embellish the gift is a key. Far more than pretty paper, a well-matched or creative bow adds an extra touch of class. However, doing the same thing over and over again can make an already-boring task incredibly tedious, so what can you do to add a little flair? Believe it or not, there are all sorts of creative ideas to wrap up the item you’ve purchased in a unique way. Here are just a few:

This takes some patience, so it’s definitely not something you want to do last minute. Use a piece of tape to attach the end of the ribbon to one corner of the gift, then stretch it over the top at an angle, being sure to keep it tight against the box. Keep the strips as close together or far apart as you like, then attach the other end to the opposite corner when you are done. For an extra bit of Christmas cheer, put red ribbon on white paper or vice versa – you’ll have candy cane-like gifts under the tree!

If one is good, then two must be better, right? Grab a selection of ribbons in different widths, then stretch the widest one over the gift, followed by one slightly narrower. You can use however many layers you wish to – so long as your supplies don’t run out! If you are in the mood to make the arrangement look more elegant, select different shades of a color that contributes little to the overall design of the wrapping paper. If there are tiny bits of green on a red background, for instance, you will find several hues of green ribbon will really make the present “pop.”

Some families like to bring a classic look to their holiday celebrations – and this is a great way to get your gifts in on the act! There are a lot of options to create the desired effect, everything from specially-designed yarns to a reel of plain twine can be strung like a ribbon would be. Because it has different characteristics than the satiny decoration, it can be twisted and turned into different designs. In the event you have some time and a bit of glue, you can even glue a shape onto a plain box.

Though it will take quite a bit of time and a strong pair of scissors, there is nothing quite like making your own ribbons out of paper. Stretch out a length of inch-wide paper, then fold it up in similar-sized increments. When you’ve exhausted the whole sheet, cut out a shape (say, a Christmas tree) while taking care to ensure the connecting points between each fold don’t get severed. When you are done, you’ll be able to spread the whole band out and tape it over the gift you’ve wrapped. Any shape is possible, the only limits are your imagination!

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Christmas Ribbons
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