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Christmas Presents

The unabated joy for children is to tear open Christmas presents as early as possible on that special morning. Years down the road, the memories that most people carry of the holiday center on cherished gifts or humorous experiences while the whole family was gathered around the tree. As a parent, you will love watching your child open the item they wanted most and seeing their eyes filling with wonder and excitement.

Tips to Select a Christmas Present

Here are a few tips and ideas to make that moment special for your loved ones and humorous too:

1. Choose a theme

Let’s say you’ve purchased the perfect gift for your tech-savvy music fanatic, a new MP3 player. Pick up some accessories, like a good set of headphones and a gift card to buy songs, then take pains to make sure they open the “big” present last.

2. Give them clues

Depending on the amount of time you have (or want) to spend crafting a big surprise, you can wrap small boxes with hints as to the major gift’s location in the house. This reflects an old Victorian tradition, and can be used to give Christmas morning the feel of a treasure hunt.

3. Use oversized boxes

If your loved one has his or her eye on a small gift, like a piece of jewelry that comes in a pocket-sized case, then put them off guard by putting it in a refrigerator box filled with packing peanuts. Confusion will kick in as piece after piece is thrown on the floor, but the joy of discovering the present will surpass it quickly.

4. Make them wait

For many families, the growing stack of presents under the tree invites children to begin comparing who has the most, which ones the largest boxes belong to, and so on. One way to eliminate bickering over who’s getting what is to hide the presents until Christmas morning. Though it can be a challenge, it has roots in German custom: Santa Claus would bring everything the night before – gifts, tree, and all.

5. Give nothing

A lot of kids (and adults) like to sneak peeks into their presents ahead of the big day. Do you have someone who can’t resist the temptation? Wrap presents that contain any manner of less-than-festive items – crumpled newspaper, junk mail, and rocks have all been used – to help them remember the joy is reserved for the big morning. If you’re really in the mood to shock them, rewrap the “gifts” with the items you had planned to give them while they sleep on Christmas Eve.

It is important to keep in mind the choice and taste of recipients while choosing a gift for them to make them happiest on this day.

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Christmas Presents
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