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Easter Eggs

Easter eggs
Easter eggs, also known as the spring eggs, are special eggs which are used to celebrate the Christian festival of Easter. The egg is considered as a pagan symbol or the symbol of fertility. This also symbolizes the resurrection of the holy Jesus Christ from the dead as well as the rebirth of the Earth.

The oldest Christian tradition was to dye or paint the chicken eggs. The red colored eggs were popularly used to symbolize the blood sacrificed by the Jesus Christ. In the modern times, however, the traditional customs have changed a bit. Nowadays, plastic eggs, chocolate eggs or eggs filled with jelly beans are used to celebrate the occasion. The common belief is that these eggs are kept hidden by the Easter Bunny, for the children to find it on the morning of the Easter Day.

Easter Egg Traditions

Easter egg hunt has become a very common custom during this festival. In this game, boiled dyed eggs, artificial eggs, eggs made of chocolates of different sizes are kept hidden for the children to find. The eggs are kept indoors as well as in the outdoors. Once the contest is over, prizes are distributed to the winners.

Egg rolling is another game which is practiced in many parts of the world during the Easter festival. Other games are Egg dance and Pace Egg plays.

Egg Decoration

Decoration of eggs is one of the funniest parts of Easter celebration. Children and kids are engaged in decorating the eggs. There are countless ways when it comes to decoration of eggs. Few decoration ideas are described below.

Decorating a Fully-Boiled Egg

First perfectly boil the eggs. Then cut the eggs into pieces and decorate it according to your imagination and creativity.

Make Your Own Natural Dyes

You can paint the eggs with natural colors and make different shapes.

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