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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Easter in England

Easter in England

Easter in England is the time for festivals and holidays. It is a Christian festival, where resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. This festival celebrates the message of new life.

Content Overview:

  • Easter Story
  • Origination and Date
  • Celebration in England

  • Is there any History of Easter Baskets?

    Is there any story on Easter?

    Yes, there is a story and it revolves around the last days of Jesus in Jerusalem. This story starts from the day Jesus had his last supper. This day is known as Maundy Thursday. On Good Friday, Lord Jesus was crucified and on Easter Day he came back to life. This is not a sob story because Jesus never died. After resurrection he met his followers and went back to oblivion to become one with the Almighty. Therefore, the story celebrates the true meaning of life.

    How did it originate and what are the Dates?

    In England, Easter celebration started even before the arrival of Christianity. As per the folklore, the word 'Easter' originated from 'Eostre' - the name of Anglo-Saxon goddess of dawn. It is said that hare was sacred to this goddess. Supposedly, this is the origin of special Bunnies during celebration and tradition of Easter in England.

    Easter Sunday does not have a fixed date every year. The feast date can be any Sunday, starting from 22nd March and 25th April. The date is selected in a similar way as Jewish festival of Passover.

    How is it celebrated in England?

    It is celebrated in various ways throughout Great Britain:
    • This is one of the most enjoyable festive times in England, celebrated mainly by Christians. People who never go to churches also attend Easter services and receive Communion.

    • This is the time when churches are generously decorated with colored flowers, especially green, white and yellow. One of the most common displays during this time is 'Easter lilies'.

    • In Wales, people decorate family graves with beautiful flowers on this auspicious day. This tradition has been adopted by other parts of Great Britain. Parishioners wear new and bright clothes on Easter Sunday. During parade, elaborate outfits and bonnets are worn. One of the most famous parades organized at Battersea Park in London, England.

    • If you want to enjoy the funfairs with runabouts and rides, you should attend the oldest and the most traditional one at Hampstead Heath in London. This is a time of feasting and revelry. One of the foods for decoration as well as eating egg. One of the most common gifts during this auspicious celebration is chocolate Easter Eggs, which is filled with candies. These are offered to friends as well as relatives. Children simply love these gifts.

    • Hard boiled eggs are decorated, dyed and painted. Once it is done, they are placed in the garden for an Egg Hunt.

    • Egg Rolling competitions are organized on Easter Monday. These generally take place in Scotland and northern Scotland. As per available information, the best known celebration takes place at Avenham Park in Preston, Lancashire.

    • Traditionally, Hot Cross Buns are relished on Good Friday. However, they are now enjoyed throughout the Easter season in England. These spicy buns have raisins, chopped candied fruits, and currants. To commemorate the day, these buns are marked on the top with a cross mark.

    • Christmas Carnivals provides you varied insights on Easter in England. Keep navigating for more details.
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