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Christmas Present Ideas

Christmas Present Ideas
No more waiting, no more sighing and looking at the calendar, no more dreaming of Christmas, because it is really here – it’s Christmas time again! Now is the time to stop planning and do everything you have been thinking of the whole year, (or maybe the last six months). But, what about the presents? (Oh, not again!) Remember last year’s struggle planning what to give to whom?

Well, this year is no different. No matter how much planning and research we do, Christmas present ideas always bewilder us. With increasing choices, it seems to be getting tougher every year – you know it! So how can we make it different? What has changed since last year? Probably nothing, but we can try to give you a few tips to help you decide. Our Christmas present ideas are based on current Christmas gift trends, some new concepts, practicality and lots of common sense. So let’s find out what are the Christmas gift ideas that you should think of for this year’s Christmas.

Tips On Christmas Presents

Starting somewhere – the planning

Okay so you thought about this one; but it is really important to think who are the different people who you will be giving Christmas gifts. The common categories are – family, friends, colleagues, and relations. Try preparing a category wise list of Christmas presents, so that you can just have a look at it and know who is getting what. Being systematic always helps, and Christmas present ideas are no different.

Let’s start with family. Break it up further into sub groups. This can read like – mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, and so on. You can make a column besides the names where you write the name of the Christmas present you plan to give him/her. A good idea is to mention the category of the gifts beside them too. This would help you know how many different categories you would need to buy when you go to a store.

Similarly, make a list of friends. Classify them as best buddies, good friends, and just friends. You know how a lot of Christmas present ideas just turn cold when you think there are too many friends that you think should be given them. So relax, and sort your friends. While the best pals would surely need the best gifts you can afford, ‘just friends’ will have to do with something else. But hey! It’s the spirit that matters!

Colleagues can get a bit tricky, and they do. Apply the same gradation technique to find out who are the people who really deserve a Christmas present. Christmas presents for office should always be uniformly given. You don’t want to be accused of favoritism, do you? That’s a joke, but yes, it is a good idea to gift similar things to colleagues, irrespective of hierarchy.

Budgeting – the next step

Talking about Christmas present ideas does not make sense if you don’t talk about the costs involved. Everything comes at a price. So, if an idea sounds great, make sure that it is within your limits. We all have a budget for any sort of shopping and this is the biggest of them all, weddings excluded. So continuing with the list we prepared, you can add how much we would like to spend for a particular group.

More On Christmas Present Ideas

What to give?

Finally, you would say. As said in the beginning, there’s no dearth of Christmas present ideas. Maybe that’s where the problem is. You are spoilt for choice. The only way you can decide well in advance is to plan well, and think practically. Keep track of the trends and you will have a hang of what different people would like as Christmas presents. Now it’s time to discuss a few Christmas present ideas – traditional, modern, unusual, to outright whacky.

Christmas cards – oh, the good old cards! They ruled every aspect of our lives before we learnt to e-mail. You can give it to anyone in your list. Add a personal touch by writing a few lines about the recipient. There’s nothing better to greet you on the eve of Christmas than a cute Christmas card that has message straight out of your heart.

Games and toys – for the kids, and some grown ups too. The shops are full of choices. Look at your list and the budget and decide. The age of the kids decides many things of course. Electronic toys, computer games, video games, dolls, bikes, skates, board games, cards, the list is endless. A word of caution – do not pick up games that have anything to do with violence. It’s the season of good feelings. Christmas is all about love, so no violence.

Ornaments – ornaments make great gifts simply because they can be cherished forever. Anytime a ring glistens, your sister would remember your Christmas present. Or you can think of that expensive pendant that your mom always wished for. You can personalize ornaments with names engraved too.

Christmas decorations – they make our Christmas. Gift your loved ones some of the trendiest Christmas decorative items. Won’t it be cool to find some of the ones you gifted adoring the home of your friends or colleagues?

Art works – they are not for everyone of course, but the art lovers among your loved ones would surely cherish a painting, a sculpture, or a curio that can be with them forever.

Christmas gift baskets – if you want to be traditional, assorted Christmas baskets can be a good choice. They can be made to order, with variations for different people. Food items, chocolates, candies, fruits, cookies, dry flowers, popcorns, almost anything can be made into a nice gift basket.

Electronic gifts – gadgets rule our lives. Electronics can be an important part of your Christmas present ideas. Stuff like mobile phones, i pods, calculators, irons, mixers, music systems and cameras are pretty affordable and can be bought for your loved ones as great Christmas gifts they would love.

Computers – they rule our lives nowadays, don’t they? Computers and related items can make nice Christmas gifts too, a little unconventional maybe. Remember practicality? These are things people need. A laptop, palm top, computer games, internet aids, web cams, USB devices, memory card, storage devices, there’s a whole universe waiting for you.

Fitness equipment, books, magazine subscription, CDs, DVDs, wines, religious gifts, gift certificates, paid vacations, car accessories, home furnishings, musical instruments, pets, pens, fancy notebooks, scented candles, flower vases, the list of Christmas present ideas is endless. Try to follow a system and categorize people you want to send gifts to.

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