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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Chocolate Easter Egg

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Easter is a big festival in the Christian community. All the churches all over the world celebrate this occasion with flowers and worships. This festival is associated with the resurrection of the God Jesus Christ. Easter is linked with many symbols such as rabbits, lilies, chicks and of course chocolate Easter egg.

The egg is indicative of the new life. The common practice among the Christians is to abstain from eating eggs during fasting and resume eating it from the Easter Day.

A variety of decorated and colorful eggs are made for this special occasion. Chocolate Easter egg however has caught the imagination of the kids across the globe. Different sized chocolate Easter eggs are available in the market from tiny sized to gigantic sized. The world’s largest sized Easter chocolate egg of 27 ft was made in Belgium. Sometimes, hollow eggs are prepared and toys are kept inside it to the delight of the kids.

Popular Easter Chocolate Egg

Chocolate eggs of different price ranges and different tastes are available in the market. Below here we describe below various popular types of it.

Divine Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

This is indeed popular and costs around £4.99. If you taste the Easter chocolate here, you will surely want to taste it again.

Tesco White Chocolate Creme Brulee Egg

This is made of crunchy butterscotch. It costs around £4.99.

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Fruit and Nut Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg

This is indeed very big in size. Odd raisin and chopped nuts are added to it. This costs £6.99.

Rococo White Chocolate Easter Egg

The major feature of it is the wonderful packaging. This is goose-egg sized. It is priced at £8.95.

The Chocolate Empire Handmade Organic Earl Grey Easter Egg

This is made of a combination of milk and bergamot. It costs £10.

For more delightful information on Easter egg keep surfing the pages of Christmas Carnivals

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