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Christmas Ornament Craft Projects

Christmas decorations need no introduction. They are beautiful, and come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The Christmas ornaments are available in all shops and some have been in the families for generations. However, the ornaments can be made at home too. Here we will describe some of the Christmas ornament craft projects to help you make such ornaments at home.

The first of the Christmas ornament craft projects is Christmas Candy Cane Mouse. To make this cute Christmas tree decoration, you will need scraps of felt, beads, small candy cane (for the tail), small pom poms (for the nose), embroidery floss or yarn (whiskers), hot glue. To make this candy cane mouse, cut two small pieces of the felt (shaped like teardrops). Make the tail by using the candy cane. The cane should stick out of the two felt pieces when you sandwich the cane between the felt. Make the nose and the eyes of the mouse by using the pom pom and the beads. Glue on the whiskers and make the ears. This Christmas craft ornament project is perfect as a gift too. Make one this Christmas and gift to your friends or relatives.

For making the Santa Hat ornament, you will need red felt, cotton balls or fiber fill, glue and ribbon. To make this craft project cut a triangle of the red felt. Fold it in a conical shape. Cut a small piece of ribbon and tie it on the top of the hat. Glue on the cotton balls around the brim of the hat. It is now complete. Connect to Christmas Carnivals for more.

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