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Country Christmas Crafts

Crafts occupy an important place in the Christmas decorations. These crafts are easy to make and the adults as well as the children engage themselves with this crafting activity.

These hand made crafts give a new meaning to the Christmas decorations. The Country Christmas Crafts are unique in themselves.

A few of the types of Country Christmas Crafts are:

  • Candle Holders

  • Living Advent Tree

  • Fragrance Log

  • Gift Boxes
Given below is the list of materials that are required to make a Living Advent Tree as well as the instructions that one needs to follow to make this craft

Materials Required:

  • Small pine tree

  • Scraps of red and green fabric- your choice of plaids, Christmas print, calicos, any small prints

  • 25 small ornaments (or trinkets)

  • Jute

  • 25 pieces of Candy or gum

  • 25 Ornament hangers

  • Grocery Sacks or Kraft paper

  • Pen

  • Hole Punch


  1. Tear the fabric into 25 pieces measuring about 6" square. plaids, christmas print, calicos, any small prints.

  2. Add a piece of candy and an ornament to the center of each square. You could also place a note in the 7, 14, and 21day bundles.

  3. Cut 25 small squares of Kraft paper or the Grocery sack about 1 1/2" square and write on each from 1 to 25. Punch a hole in the upper left corner of each.

  4. Bundle the package. Tie the jute around the bundle, attach the card and hang from the tree with an ornament hanger.

  5. Remember to water the tree about once a week or whenever it feels dry.

Know about the other kinds of Country Christmas Crafts and learn to make them with Christmas Carnivals.

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