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Christmas Crafts Bazaar

Christmas crafts bazaar is a place where lots of fun and frolic take place. They are organized before Christmas every year in different places within the limits of the city. The Christmas crafts bazaars have musical acts, live music and many stage shows. The buyers are offered special gifts which definitely add to the Christmas fun and merriment.

The whole atmosphere is relaxed and informal. Normally, the bazaar is held 15 to 20 days before Christmas.

Christmas crafts bazaar is open for many hours per day. They remain open for at least 12 hours per day usually from 11 AM to 11 PM. There are innumerable food stalls and food and drink are available at all times and many a times, there is live music when the bazaar closes for the day.

Till Christmas Eve, there are musical acts on weekends. The final Friday before Christmas Eve also sees hectic activity in the afternoon as the last of the musical acts are staged. In Christmas crafts bazaar, one finds an array of unique articles and gift items. There are lovely handmade Christmas tree ornaments and aromatic handmade candles. These treasures are bought with great gusto and the money collected from the sales go to various charities.

There are innumerable booths featuring ornaments of Christmas decorations, pies, pastries, puddings and other delectable goodies. The children always have a gala time in the bazaar as there are so many stalls selling toys. For more details, stay connected to Christmas Carnivals.

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