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Christmas Christian Crafts

Christmas is a festival of the Christians. Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ who came to the world to spread the message of God. The themes of the crafts that are made during the Christmas festival are related to the birth as well as the other incidents associated with the life of Jesus Christ. Children with the help of their parenta make the Christmas Christian crafts.

Given here are lists of materials that are required to make the following Christmas Christian Crafts.

Jesus Gift Ornament- This craft can be given as a gift to anybody or placed on the Christmas tree.

Materials Required:

  • Yellow craft foam squares
  • Purple craft foam squares
  • Red craft foam squares
  • Dark and light blue craft foam squares
  • Brown craft foam squares
  • Tan craft foam squares
  • Joseph pattern
  • Mary pattern
  • Baby Jesus pattern
  • Cradle with hay patterns
  • Star pattern
  • Ribbon to hang
  • Glue
  • Permanent marker

Nativity Countdown Banner- This crafts can be used to adorn as well as the exterior of a house

Materials Required
  • Multiple colors of craft foam squares
  • Wooden dowel to hang
  • Red felt
  • Ribbon to hang
  • Star pattern
  • Figure patterns
  • Velcro to attach removable figures and stars
  • Glue
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