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Christmas Wood Crafts

Christmas Wood Crafts are the popular craft items that add a special flavor to the Christmas celebrations. Display of Christmas Wood Craft items is common during the Christmas season.

So, it makes sense to know about the options in advance in order to make an informed choice. Some of the options are listed below.

Felt Angel Ornaments for Christmas
Felt Angel Ornaments are available in a number of varieties. However, the simple ones have a charm of their own. The felt made angel photo frames make nice showpieces. Here three angels stand with flowing dress and elegant wings. The triangular photo frames can be seen below the face of the angel standing in the middle. The remaining two angels appear as silhouettes. Available in bright shades of yellow, green and purple, the Felt Angel Ornaments can be made at home too.

Wood Scrap Snowman for Christmas
Wood scraps or a board that can be cut up are required to prepare Wood Scrap Snowman. Paintbrushes, glue, sandpaper, kidís socks, color, dry rag, scarf, buttons and ribbons are also required to prepare this exciting creative piece of Christmas Wood Crafts. You can always add
your creative touch to the object. For example, you can attach a red ribbon on the neck of your snowman.

Santa with Sleigh for Christmas
This cut-and-paint figure of Santa with Sleigh is a wooden model ideally used for decorating lawns.

Wooden Reindeer and Elves for Christmas
Block wood, sand paper, acrylic paint are required to prepare Wooden Reindeer and Elves. These specimens of Christmas Wood Crafts are ideally placed on the dinner table and fireplace mantle for decoration.

Super Sized Snowflake for Christmas
Who cares if it never gets enough cold for a single snowflake to fall? You can always decorate your doorway with one that never melts. The paper woodwork craft of super sized snowflakes comes in a trio. While the bigger ones are ideal for lawn embellishment, the smaller ones look nice when hung from a tree branch or railing.

Holiday Luminaries for Christmas
Luminaries are actually little candle lanterns. These are made from small paper bags lining a walkway or a driveway. They form cute cutout designs of holiday patterns. The paper bags can be red and green in color and a votive candle is needed for each paper bag. Lighted at dusk, each candle creates a charming holiday glow.

Jewelry Boxes for Christmas
Made from solid hard wood and lined with velvet, the jewelry boxes can be used as great Christmas gifts. These jewelry boxes, apart from functioning as nice containers of jewels and similar articles, also enhance the look of the place where they are kept. In addition to being useful for displaying jewelry at home, these Christmas Wood Crafts specimens are usable at exhibitions and retail outlets too.

Christmas Nativity Stable
Wooden models depicting the Nativity scene of Christmas also form part of Christmas Wood Crafts. Each stable is fitted with an electric light and a ladder to the loft. Wooden animals crafted and painted meticulously, are part of the creation.

Trumpeting Angel Pattern for Christmas
This trumpeting angel pattern can herald the Christmas for the user and the userís family. The angel patterns are nice specimens of Christmas Wood Crafts.

Folding Wooden Basket for Christmas
A traditional art form that is in circulation for about a century is the folding wooden basket. It is a fine specimen of Christmas ornament and is a product of exquisite wood craft. It is made of solid wood. When folded, it can be used as a trivet and when its handle is lifted, it expands into basket. The baskets are made of various sizes. Depending upon the size, these boxes can be used for many purposes.

Wooden Christmas Ornaments
Wooden Christmas Ornaments form an important part of Christmas decorations. With wood, paint, some basic tools and some innovative thinking you can create nice Christmas ornaments. Be it a beaded wreath ornament or a button wreath ornament, it will surely add to the spirit of Christmas. Most of these can be prepared at home and even by the children.

Wooden Christmas Craft Kits
If you want to use your creative spirit to create some exciting Christmas decorations, you can take help of the wooden Christmas craft kits that are available for the purpose. Whether you want to create a 3D snowman or Santa or Christmas tree, you can do it all simply by joining the wooden pieces available in the kit.

3D Christmas Trees
3D Christmas trees made of wood make fine specimens of Christmas decoration.

Christmas Bulb Necklace Craft Kit
The Christmas bulb necklace craft kit includes metal and wood pieces. The craft pieces are generally pre-packaged for individual use.

Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp for Christmas
Wood mounted Christmas tree rubber stamp is a fine specimen of woodwork. It is actually a finely detailed rubber stamp which is mounted on a white maple wood block. This Christmas wood craft adds to the festive mood of Christmas.

Disney Wood Mounted Stamp for Christmas
Disney Wood Mounted Stamp for Christmas is a sure favorite with the children. Disney characters are displayed on this wood mounted stamp which is an admirable piece of Christmas Wood Craft.

Wood Scrap Christmas Projects
Wood craft Christmas projects set the mood for Christmas celebrations. Christmas ornaments, small, round wreath shapes or the simple shape of a Christmas tree can be scored and then painted according to taste.

Wood Chips decoration for Christmas
A simple Christmas wood crafts idea is to use in an innovative way the left over blocks or chips of wood to create items that can be used as fake presents. These items can be used for decoration of centerpieces. They can also be hung from a tree. The blocks of wood can be wrapped in real wrapping paper. Then they can be tied up with ribbons. They can also be painted to make them look like tiny presents.

Last Updated :- 9 December, 2011
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