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Free Christmas Stocking Patterns

Every year, the kids rush to the fireplace on Christmas morning to see what awaits them. In many families, a relative has picked from a number of felt Christmas stocking patterns to create a personalized way to gather goodies on that special day.
The desire to snatch the sock and empty it onto the floor seems to be a part of every child’s DNA, so it’s little wonder they are so eager to pull out the decorations each year and welcome the gift-giving season by clearing the mantel in anticipation of Santa Claus’ arrival. And, since the item stitched up by a loved one, it serves as a reminder of someone well beyond the holidays.

For many, the idea of making something so precious can be intimidating. Distracted by store-bought creations or the vast number of complex patterns available, you might find it easier to give in to the pressure and allow someone to rob your loved one of the extra bit of care displayed when an object is made by hand. The time you’ll be taking – whether you are a novice using a pre-packaged kit or an expert coming up with your own design – will make it a cherished memory for years to come.

Whether or not you want to go to your local crafts store, there are literally hundreds of options available for you thanks to the Internet. Materials of all kinds can be used, but felt is the most common owing to its durability and ease of use – it is dense enough to stand up to wear and tear, yet can be sewn with little effort. Plus, with the wide variety of colors you can find, it’s no longer a given that you’ll be creating a basic red stocking, you can almost find anything the person you are making it for would dream up.

Some popular felt stocking kit patterns are:

In many parts of the world, having a dusting of snow is a difficult proposition on December 25th. Despite what your climate may bring, it’s still possible to have a white Christmas on your stocking! There are dozens of Wintry Wonderlands you can sew together – even snowball fights between snowmen.

If you are looking for a unique (and bright) touch, why not choose something with a working strand of lights? Small batteries power designs that feature homes and Christmas trees allowing your fireplace to have an extra bit of color.

Tchiakovsky’s Nutcracker is a holiday favorite, both for its setting and the beauty of its music. Fans – especially young girls – will enjoy designs commemorating scenes from the ballet, whether the Prince or Sugar Plum Fairy features prominently. Just avoid the Mouse King!

Few of the images created by Christmas carols can be easily adapted to fit on a stocking, but a partridge in a pear tree is an excellent choice for bird lovers. Styles vary, but several include an understated pattern with plump golden fruit hanging from the front.

Without a doubt, the main character most in patterns is the right jolly old elf, Santa Claus. The choices are nearly limitless, ranging from the customary red clothes tarnished with ashes and soot to suits befitting occupations like carpenter or baseball player.
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