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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Stockings » Christmas Embroidery Stocking Kits

Christmas Embroidery Stocking Kits

The Christmas Embroidery Stocking Kit can be used to give the decoration a personalized touch. Embroidery can be done on the napkins, stockings, or any other object for the special party. The decoration will surely impress the guests. These embroidered stocking can also be given as a return gift from a Christmas dinner if you are not going to use it next year too. These gifts with personalized touch are sure to make every guest happy.

How to use Christmas Embroidery Stocking Kit

  • Make sure you have a sound understanding of what a Embroidery Stocking Kit is all about and what it entails. Opt for the simple embroidery patterns as far as kids are concerned. Motifs of animals, plants and cartoon characters go down well with kids. Use of satin ribbons, bows, floss and felts might enthrall them. Cross Stitch Embroidery Stocking Kits are quite good for beginners.
  • You could choose relatively complex designs and experiment with more ornate patterns if you are good at stitching. Appliqués in felt and floss, Knitted and crochet patterns can also be tried out.
  • Embellish your Christmas Stockings with sequins; beadwork, pearls and the like keeping in mind its purpose and place in the household. For e.g. Ones meant for decoration can be heavily embellished but the ones that are meant for wearing should be essentially kept simple and neat.
Every member of the family can indulge in exercise of embroidering the Stockings. This can also be way to keep the child busy while the parents are busy in preparing for Christmas. Names of family members or different symbols can be used to adorn the stockings so that it gets a personalized touch.

Buying a Christmas Embroidery Stocking Kit

A Christmas Embroidery kit is easily available and it can also be bought online. Most of the kits have some design ideas which can be used while at work. There are also miniature stocking kits available in the market with which you can make a stocking of 1.4 inches in size. Most of the kits include threads, needles, rayon or silk, cotton floss and also an instruction guide.

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