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Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs include a varied range of music usually performed around the Christmas season. Performances of these songs start in the months preceding the holidays and come to a close soon after.

Music refers to a number of genres played during the holiday season. Many of these songs actually do not focus on the holiday in their themes. Instead, they focus on wintry or some other themes. Many of these songs have been included within the category of Songs because of their reverential content.

Christmas Songs Lyrics

Though the content of Christmas Songs varies, the unifying theme of the holiday somehow binds them together. These songs generally include one or more of these themes:
  1. Nativity of Jesus Christ
  2. Folklores surrounding Christmas
  3. Traditions associated with Christmas
  4. A wintry theme
  5. Content evoking the memories of Christmas
Some songs, though originally not composed for Christmas, have come to be included in this category because of any of these reasons:
  1. Devotional content
  2. Theme of winter
  3. The time of their release

Christmas Carols

A Christmas carols is generally sung in the period preceding the Christmas. It is a song or hymn whose lyrics are based on the subject of Christmas or winter in general. These songs are mostly traditional.

Tradition of Christmas Carols

Originally carols were communal songs sung during celebrations such as harvest tide as well as the Christmas. Later, they started being sung in the church. It was then that they specifically became associated with the Christmas. Now, the carols are regularly sung at Christian religious services. A strong tune and a verse or chorus for group singing marks the traditional carols. The medieval chord patterns, on which they are often based, give them their unique musical sound.

Sheffield Carols

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a novella written by Charles Dickens. This classic tale of redemption is popular among the readers till date. This Christmas book became an instant success as soon as it was published. The story redefined the importance of Christmas and all the sentiments associated with the holiday. Social injustice and poverty, the recurrent themes in Dickens’ works find expression in this story as well. The abrupt and forceful message of the novel had a deep impact on the readers.

In late November and December mass singing takes place in some of the pubs in North Sheffield and North Derbyshire. These are often referred to as the Sheffield Carols. It is regarded as the most remarkable example of popular traditional singing in the British Isles.

Carols in Australia

In Australia, Christmas time is generally in the middle of the summer season. Here a tradition of Carols by Candlelight is followed. This is a tradition held outdoors in towns and cities across the country. It takes place in the weeks preceding Christmas. Opera singers, musical theatre performers and singers of popular music perform at these concerts. The people in the audience join the performers in singing some of the carols, while holding lit candles.

Free Christmas Songs Wallpapers

Free Christmas Songs and Wallpapers are both popular. You can find Christmas songs, wallpapers and screen savers on a number of websites. These sites offer you options for both hearing Christmas music online as well as downloading free Christmas music MP3, MP4 files. A number of websites offer the facility for both. Some websites offer links for the songs on the web page. By following these links the user can easily download the song or hear them online. The songs are often categorized for convenience. For example, they may be classified as traditional vocal, contemporary vocal, traditional instrumental and contemporary instrumental.

Many websites also offer you free Christmas wallpapers. From the gallery that these sites usually have, you have to select your wallpaper and download it. You should guard against adware and spyware when downloading these wallpapers, as these can cause harm to your computer. Some of the popular categories for Christmas wallpapers are Santa Claus,decorations, scenery, Snowman, house, Christmas tree, gifts, night, Christmas stocking, Christmas light, Christmas cake and Christmas berries.

Christmas Songs Wallpapers

You can always save on your desktop Christmas Songs and Wallpapers. Not only during Christmas, but during other times of the year also these can bring back to you fond memories of the holiday.

When you want to download Christmas wallpapers on your desktop, you usually select the screen display size first from the options offered to you. Once the wallpaper has downloaded, you right click on the image and set it as a desktop item. The wallpapers can also be sent as greetings cards. In addition to the Christmas wallpapers that you download on your desktop, you also get to download other desktop enhancements for Christmas that many websites offer you. These may include desktop themes, screensavers, cursors, messenger skins, icons, WinAmp skins, site backgrounds and WinLogos. All these collectively create that magic atmosphere which lifts your spirit. Whether you are at home counting days for the holiday or at work reeling under the pressure of a tight delivery schedule, a look at your own desktop decorated with downloaded items can instantly take your mind to the festive days and make the pressure of work seem light.

Christmas Songs Adopted From Other Sources

Strange it may sound, much of what is regarded as Christian music today, had been adopted initially from music created for other purposes. Later they came to be associated with the holiday. Many of the secular songs have come to be regarded as Christmas songs just because of the time of the year when they are sung. These songs do not mention anything about Christmas. These songs mostly deal with the winter. However, the ‘Christmas song’ tag is essential for these songs to become popular, especially in a country like the US. This is because winter songs are normally not played on the radio in the US for the greater part of the winter season, once the Christmas is over, only with the exception of them being played after a big snow event.
Christmas Songs :

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Christmas Song
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