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Funny Christmas Poems

What is the better way to pass the good cheer of the festive season than by greeting your near and dear ones with funny Christmas poems? Lets take on a laughter ride with some funny Christmas poems and Christmas Carnivals.

A Politically Correct Christmas story is an extremely humorous poem, which describes "Santa wreck", as he complains that his "Elves" insist on being called "Vertically Challenged" and the "Humane Society" has replaced his four reindeer with pigs. The descriptions of Santa's grief as his toys are no longer much cherished by kids, however, strike a chord of pain despite the funny description. Christmas by Liz Garrad is another funny Christmas poem, which talks about the long drawn preparation and planning one undertakes for the festival of Christmas . Jacqueline Ramm in the humorous poem A Christmas Tale describes a very disorganized family celebrating Christmas, while Pete Graf gives us the perfect recipe in his Christmas Stew. Robyn Scott's Dear Santa is also a beautiful poem, written in the form of a letter to Santa, where all that the writer wants is everything.

Reveal your lighter side this Christmas by reciting some of these funny Christmas poems to your family and friends. Enjoy the festive season with Christmas Carnivals and browse through the links to find out all that you want to know about Christmas songs.
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