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Free Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns

Why not add a little more warmth to your Christmas gift this season by gifting your friends and family something, which is uniquely you?

Christmas Carnivals is offering you some free crochet Christmas stocking patterns to help you weave your love through the yarns.

  • If you are bored with the same Christmas patterns of the Christmas tree and the snowmen, try out the polka dots as the patterns on your crochet stockings. You may use a darker shade of brown or red as the base, in the pattern of hexagons. In those hexagons, you may use white and some other color like green or blue for the dots. Use the white for highlighting the polka dots.

  • For gifting the crochet stocking, you may personalize it according to personís liking or passions. If your friend has a fascination for music, use black and white yarns to knit the patterns of piano keys in the cuffs with some notes in the body of the stocking. Names of individuals are always to be embroidered or woven into the crochet stockings to make it special.

  • The neat cornrows done horizontally or vertically with alternating colors can also give a very sober look to your Christmas stockings. Make sure that the two bright colors are not juxtaposed or it may mar the effect. A thick band woven in white can be attached to it near the cuffs and ribbons can be through it.
Make your Christmas colorful with these free crochet Christmas stocking patterns and enjoy this festive season with Christmas Carnivals. Donít forget to share your innovative ideas with us. We would be more than obliged to cooperate.
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