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Christmas Coloring Pages

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The word “Christmas” is formed by the amalgamation of two words – Christ and Mass. It means the “Mass of Christ”.

Later it was abbreviated to “Christmas”. More shortened form of this is “Xmas” which is now popularly used. Xmas was used in fifteenth century in Europe for the first time. 25th December is celebrated as Lord Christ’s birth.But in reality this was not the day when Christ was born. Children often think of Santa while coloring the Christmas coloring pages Santa Claus, one chief figure in the festival of Christmas appears in nearly each coloring page of Christmas.

Today’s computer literate generation is so addicted to the computers that they spend most of their time in front of their computer screens. For such people, the joy of Christmas has to be on their computer screen as well. We at Christmas Carnivals suggest you download Christmas wallpapers, Christmas backgrounds, and Christmas screen savers and let the festivity come on to your computer screens. Give wings to the festive spirit in you and exploit the situation to the fullest. Send e-cards, e-mails to your friends giving them wishes for this Christmas season.

Children are also not left out on this occasion. There are many Christmas activities that children can do. One of the most popular of such activity is adding colors to Christmas coloring pages. These pages can be used as Christmas decorations in the homes. The Christmas coloring pages have figures of Santa Claus, Christmas tree, stars etc. This activity not only imbibes the festive spirit in children but also helps in bringing out their creativity. As a parent you can motivate your child to do this activity by giving them Christmas ornaments as a prize for their coloring of Christmas pages. These prizes will also cultivate a sense of lovingness in the children for their community. They will understand the true meaning of Christmas and things associated with it.

Christmas coloring pages can be colored and used as decorative objects. Also, your child can saturate his time in useful activity of coloring. This will help him in knowing how to fill colors in pictures and also in knowing about the festival of Christmas. You can get Christmas coloring pages on the Internet. Many websites provide these pages for free. All you need to do is to scroll through the pages and whichever page you like just print it. These printed hard copies you can give to your child for coloring. Spend some of your quality time with your kids extracting the coloring pages for them, and then looking how they do the coloring. This will surely strengthen the love between you and your child.


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