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Letter to Santa

HO !! HO !! HO !!
Do you want to tell Santa, what to bring you for Christmas?
Yes, itís true! You can write to Santa from here.
Címon, finish the letter and see the magic!
Santa will reply, right away.
Isnít it fun!!

So donít keep Santa waiting. Go ahead and wish him a Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas !!

I am a Boy Girl
and my name is
I am already years old
I live in the city of
and that's in
My E-Mail is
So far I have been:
Very Good all of the time.
Good most of the time.
I try to be as good as I can.
Well, not very good lately.
Here is I want most. Please do your best !
1.     2.
Here are some More things I want. Do your best, Santa!
Your Friend,

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