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Christmas Party

Christmas Party
There can be little doubt that a good Christmas party will break up the hectic shopping schedule. Long lines are at the mall. Dozens wait to check out at the grocery store. Some time amongst close family
and great friends is an ideal way to take a step back – the holiday season is, at its root, about the importance of our loved ones. Though planning and executing a fun gathering can seem like one more headache just when you don’t need one, but with tips, it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to help you make your party as rocking as possible:

Lay out some details

About three weeks before you plan to host everyone, sit down and make a guest list. Determine how many people you would like to have – and where – as quick as you can. This will help you begin thinking about how much food you need, as well as what activities can be ideal for the occasion.

Mail the invitations

Everyone gets bombarded with requests for their presence as Christmas gets closer. Between office parties and other social engagements, calendars can fill up fast. As soon as you have the guest list settled, let them know about your event. It may seem like an odd thing to say, but give them a short window to respond – say, within a week of being sent – and they will be more likely to get you an answer in short order.

Bake away

If you are the type that loves to put out a spread of cookies and other traditional sweets on the big day, set aside some time the weekend before to do all your baking. You may feel the need to have everything freshly-made, but the truth is your guests will not be able to tell you prepared the treats early and then put them in the freezer for several days. If you want, you can warm them in the oven on the lowest setting a few minutes before everyone arrives.

Buy the main course

Three days before your event, take your grocery list and head to your favorite store. Be careful to select items on sale – there’s almost always a lot of deals going on during the festive period – and put it away as soon as you get home. At this point, you ought to know how many guests you’ll have, so getting the correct amount of each item should be fairly straightforward. If you have a lot to make, set up a “battle plan” for the kitchen to determine what can be made the night before and what must be done the day of. A brief session thinking through the particulars of meal preparation will put you in a good spot mentally and help you save your energy for the party itself.

Touch up and have fun

When the day arrives, spend the morning decorating (if you don’t think what you have in place already is enough) and then get to work in the kitchen. Set aside a few minutes between preparing the food and getting dressed for recharging your batteries. You want to be fresh and energetic when your guests arrive. Even just five minutes to recuperate will give you a boost and you’ll be able to do what you really want. Enjoy with your loved ones!

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Last Updated :- 23 December, 2011

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Christmas Party
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