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Mini Christmas Stockings

If you do not believe in the saying that “good things come in small packages”, the variety and the unique designs of mini Christmas stockings on offer this Christmas may just make you believe so. Here is Christmas Carnivals with the most effective suggestions for special Christmas stockings.

  • The felt Christmas stockings are widely found in miniature forms. These are widely used as Christmas gifts and Christmas wedding favors. You may find it in various colors like red, green, blue and orange. They usually have the scalloping cuffs of white faux fur with a golden rim at the junction. They have the universal appeal and convey the festive mood.

  • If you want the knitted mini Christmas stocking, there too you will have no dearth of choice. You may personalize it by knitting your name in the cuffs or have the patterns of old Santa, the angel or the snowmen. If you don’t want the usual Christmas themes, you may have the snowflake theme incorporated into it by kitting stripes of blue and white, which can further be decorated with miniature bells hanging from the ribbons near the broad border at the cuffs.
  • To give your mini Christmas stocking a gorgeous look, you may use red felt as the base, on which heavy embroidery is done with sequins and beads. The royal touch can also come in colors like purple and magenta.
  • Is this your baby’s first Christmas? Gift her the classic crochet mini Christmas stockings. Pastel shades of pink and blue can be safely used for the cute little stocking. Decorate it with lace work done in crochet and ribbons, bells, for making it special.
Make your Christmas special with your unique mini Christmas stockings and enjoy this Christmas with Christmas Carnivals.
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