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Christmas Games

Of all the festivals and holidays, the spirit of Christmas truly represents fun and excitement. It is a time for exchanging gifts, meeting loved ones, organizing family re-unions and sharing memorable moments with your loved ones. The “fun” element would be incomplete without the mention of games that are now a major part of this tradition. Reliving the moments of togetherness is high on the priority list of most of us at this time and it is during Christmas that we make time for each other.

Christmas party games

: Though Christmas is an ideal time for relaxation, you will also agree that taking part in various fun games is enjoyable too. So, throwing a Christmas party on Eve is a great idea. You can arrange for some exciting games and invite the guests to be a part of this celebration. While choosing the games, remember your guests are going to include adults as well as kids, so it is better to pick games that are fun and can be enjoyed by both.

Christmas games for kids

and for adults that you can consider for introducing in the party. You can also do a bit of research regarding some interesting games as it definitely helps you in a better way to select them for the party. Apart from exclusive games for adults and kids, you can also think about some games for the whole family.

Preparing for Christmas games:

Whether it is an office Christmas party, a family get-together or a kids' celebration, party games add fun and excitement to the evening and uplift the spirit of celebration.

If you are throwing a Christmas party and planning to arrange for some games for kids and adults, you just need to take care of few things. If you bear these in mind, organizing games will become a lot easier. All you need to do is to think creatively from the perspective of all the guests you are expecting. Think about the various aspects that would make your Christmas games exciting and thrilling.

Arrange for the materials and buy some extra supplies. You never know some guests might just land up without prior notice and surprise you! All games and no food will certainly mess up the whole party mood. So it is advisable to pay attention on foodstuff, like snacks and drinks, to fill in the gaps in between the game sessions.

Speedy Santa

Child chasing Christmas gifts


Raining Gifts

Let's Play a Game

Have Fun

Common Christmas party games

After carefully selecting the games, make sure when to introduce the games in the party to enliven the party mood. It will be good to offer an interesting mix of some very simple and complex games. That way, all the guests will be entertained and can enjoy the party too.

Christmas Crosswords

is a nice option that will make you aware of some of the interesting facts related with Christmas Eve.

For those who are not comfortable with crosswords, can find solace in

Christmas Word Games

. If you become tired of such mental work outs, then take a break and resume again.

Christmas Word Jumbles

are absolutely wonderful. Working out unscrambled words and finding a solution will be delightful. It is better to team up or form groups for playing the Christmas games.

If you like puzzles, make sure you do not miss out on solving

Christmas Puzzles

. If you are tech savvy and like being hooked on to the monitor screen, then,

Online Christmas Games

will be an apt choice.

Some popular Kids Christmas Party Games:

Tape the Nose on Santa- for this game; you need a large cut out of Santa with reddish outfit, a tape and blindfolds. You can cut the nose portion of Santa and put some tape at the back in the same position. Mount the Santa cutout on the wall and get ready for playing the game. Blindfold the players, spin them around and set them free. The winner the one who gets closest or actually touches “Santa’s nose”.

Candy Cane Pass- for this game you need candy canes. Divide the players into separate teams. Each player is supposed to hold four candy canes between fingers and pass on to his team mates without dropping a single one. The winning team is the one that retains maximum candy canes.

Rudolph Dash- for this game, you need to cut out some circles from a red color paper and some Vaseline in a bowl. This is a really funny game whereby the players are required to apply some Vaseline at the tip of their nose. The red circles are then put on their nose. Now the players may be divided into groups and play the relay race to finish the game. Each player has to run with the red nose and then pass on to the next player. The main trick is to stop the nose from falling. The winning team is the one that ends the race with maximum red noses.

Santa Says- this is a very simple yet funny game. In this game one player acts as Santa; he directs the movements of other players. Any player who misses out Santa’s instruction is disqualified from the game.

Word Find- this is a very interesting mind game by which you can sharpen your memory, test your patience and broaden word forming skills.

Freeze- all you need for this game is good bubbly music and mental alertness. In this game, you are supposed to sway to the beats of music until the coordinator declares “Freeze”. Upon hearing the word, you have to stop moving completely. If any of the body part moves by chance then you are out of the game.

Some other games that might interest you are Christmas Memory Game, Gift Unwrap Relay, Littlest Angel or Good Elf and Three Legged Stocking Race.

Browse through Christmas Carnivals for more exciting ideas on celebrating Christmas this year!

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Christmas Games
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