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Crochet Christmas Stockings

If you are bored with the monotony of the patterns and colors of the stockings every Christmas, try out something different this season. Here is Christmas Carnivals with some unique ideas for crochet Christmas stockings.

  • In accordance with the snowflake theme of Christmas, you may have your crochet stockings woven in navy blue, sky blue and white, with navy blues predominantly at the folds of the cuffs, at the ankle and at the heels. White and random streaks of sky blue can form the body. The light blue stripes will bring in the effect of the flakes of snow.
  • Crochet Christmas stockings can be personalized and gifted to friends. For personalizing, you may knit the name of your friends near the cuffs. This will lend a very special touch and warmth of your feelings to the Christmas gift.
  • The neat vertical cornrows woven in eggshell colored yarn can make very sober stockings. This will be quite a variation from the usual ones that is widely found.
  • If you canít think of any patterns, make an ordinary crochet stocking of any color, which you prefer. Then you may stitch bells all over the stockings, tie a ribbon at the border near the cuffs, or decorate it with pinecones.
  • Crochet gives you all the freedom to weave in any patterns on your stockings to your liking. It can either be icons associated with Christmas like the Christmas tree, snowmen etc., or your pet cat can also be the main pattern for it.

What can make you feel more at home this festive season than the crochet Christmas stockings. Enjoy this Christmas with Christmas Carnivals. Browse through other links in this site for more information about various other kinds of Christmas stockings.
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