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Crewel Christmas Stockings

If you are keen on stitching your own Christmas stockings but paucity of time is encroaching on your creative bent of mind, we have a solution for you. Crewel Christmas Stockings make way for you to enjoy your one time passion while simultaneously making it easier and time saving.

Since in a Crewel Christmas Stockings the outline of the designs are provided, you tend to get as fair picture of what your Stocking might look like after completion. You are at liberty to choose a pattern with or without the backdrop provided.
  • Before starting on your Crewel Christmas Stockings make sure, you have a few things near at hand. Stretcher Bars, Embroidery hooks, yarns pertaining to your design detail and requirement, large eye Chenille needles are a must.
  • Not all stitches can be used for Crewel embroidery. One should have a sound knowledge of a few specific stitches that are quintessential for Crewel embroidery. Some of the most common ones are Satin, Long, short, Stem, Straight and French Knots.
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Last Updated :- 9 December, 2011

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