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Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stockings

Historic evidence suggests that the earliest instance of hanging Christmas stockings began sometime in the 4th century; and the custom apparently was initiated by St. Nicholas.
The story as the legend goes is about a nobleman who lost all his riches and became poor. He had a heart of gold and was always empathetic towards the needy. He had a lovely daughter who he wasnít being able to give away as a bride due to lack of dowry. When the great Saint Nicholas heard of his travails he threw a bag of gold through the noblemanís window that incidentally landed in his daughterís stockings that were hung to dry on the clothesline.

Ever since children have hung little red stockings on window sils and bedposts on Christmas Eve hoping Santa will fill them up with their dream gifts. Another very popular legend about Christmas stockings is that once upon a time Santa Claus was climbing up a chimney when gold coins from his bag slipped into a pair of stockings on the chimney.
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