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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Stockings » Free Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns

Free Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns

Free Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns
Christmas Carnivals is here with free Christmas stocking knitting patterns.Free Christmas stocking pattern allows you to get some good knitting ideas and suggestions

All are made in different sizes with whatever yarns you have that have at least 75% wool content.

Mohair and wool make for really fuzzy ones and, one imagines, you could use Angora as well.

Ideas On Free Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns

  • The Aran Christmas Stocking is knitted in 3 oz 4 eggshell colored yarns. It is 14 long. They come in different varieties and in all the colors of Christmas. The designs vary from the widely popular Santa Claus to Winnie the Pooh to Tweety and the Christmas tree.

  • The Mosaic Motif Stocking is made of worsted yarn, 1 skein each of red, white and green using No. 8 straight and circular knitting needles. Start with the mosaic pattern and move on to the foot, instep, heel and toe. Sew all the seams. The white band following the ribbing can be used to duplicate stitch a name.

  • The Knitted Ripple Stocking has plenty of room to stuff goodies. The pattern is woven with double pointed needles. To weave 2 stock edges together, put the yarn into a yarn needle all at the right hand side of the work with the wrong sides touching.

Knit and personalize stockings for every member of your family from Christmas Carnivals.

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