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Knitting Christmas Stockings

Why settle for an ordinary Christmas stocking when you can create a perfect family heirloom gift for a child or a grandchild? Christmas Carnivals has got styles for knitting Christmas stockings from classic to contemporary hand-painted by top designers so that your stitching skills bring the best results.

  • Done in dark red and black with strokes of cream, the Snowman Christmas Stocking measures 6.5 wide by 12.5 long. It is made of 100% lanolin rich wool from Maine. Stocking colors available are Cranberry, Spruce Heather, Lt. Sheep Grey.
  • The Aran Christmas Stocking is knitted in 3 oz 4 eggshell colored yarns. It is 14 long. They come in different varieties and in all the colors of Christmas. The designs vary from the widely popular Santa Claus to Winnie the Pooh to Tweety and the Christmas tree.
  • Knitting Patterns like the Tree, Squirrel and the 3 Wise Men are for you to work in stockinette ending in a knit row. Shape the heel and toe. For the heel gusset, change to double pointed needles and start counting rows.
  • Boot Shaped Stockings done in red and white is worked in double strands of yarn throughout. Start with the boot-top and move towards the instep, foot and sole.
All stockings come with free personalization. For more on pastel and metallic gold tone, with hand-embroidered names and favorite things on the cuff, log on to knitted Christmas stockings by Christmas Carnivals.
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