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Christmas Plays

“Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way…” Come on! Christmas time is knocking at your door. Get ready for a bash. Well, there will be loads of fun and merry making. Don’t you think so? Foodies will relish turkey roast over a glass of red wine. For the entertainment freaks, there will be Christmas plays that they can watch. Popular production houses like Broadway have geared up for their Christian Christmas plays and other entertaining stuffs.

That is not all. Local dramatists also show off their acting acumen by organizing free Christmas plays for church. If you are unwilling to spend money for your entertainment hang-outs, you must spend your evening watching good piece of performance from the local artists. Christmas plays for children are perfect for your children to get an idea about their culture and tradition. Music is food for good life. During Christmas people also have the chance to enjoy extravagant Christmas musicals. You can regale your ears with melodious songs of the local musicians or else you can book a ticket to savor a musical concert in a popular theater. Undoubtedly a musical fete in accompaniment with instruments will give you a heavenly experience.

‘Christmas Carol’
This classical story of Charles Dickens is common choice for people during Christmas season. In fact every year people look forward to the appearance of ghosts, musical razzmatazz and also Scrooge’s finding of life as well as love. This popular play will add fun quotient to your festive mood.

‘The Gift of the Magi’
O Henry’s Gift of the Magi is a perfect choice for those people who love to love. It is a heart rendering story of a poor couple, Jim and Della, who forsake their greatest possessions of their lives just to buy gifts for each other. In integrity, sagacity they are even wiser than the Magi, the pious people who knew about the birth of Jesus. They may not be the ideal couple but they teach you the lesson of self sacrifice and also the significance of offering presents to your near and dear ones.

‘The Butterfingers Angel’
Do you want to laugh till your belly hurts? If that is so, William Gibson’s The Butterfingers Angels is your right choice. It incorporates current themes into the birth of Lord Jesus and at the same time creates a strong link with Gospels. It offers a perfect blend of tradition and current trends, perfect for Christmas carnivals.

‘The Best Christmas Pageant Ever’
It is a classic that was adapted from a famous novel for children. The story centers on a family of six children. They are the source of mischievous. The family attends church prayers with the hope of getting snacks from there. This play is thoroughly entertaining and is a must watch for lovers of comedy and wit. Hurry up! Gear up for Christmas now. A dozen of Christmas plays will be available at your platter! Watch your favorite play to make merry and spend quality time with your family.

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