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Christmas Stars

Christmas Star
When we say Christmas stars, we mean the star of Bethlehem; it is a very popular Christmas tree topper. According to Christian tradition, it is the star, which revealed the birth of Jesus to the Magi or the ‘Three Wiseman’. The star not only revealed the birth, but also led the Magi to Bethlehem. The star is one of the most famous symbols of Christmas, and it is used to decorate, trees, homes, cribs and cards, among other things. The star is not just an ornament for decoration, but also a symbol for hope, happiness and joy. The star is also seen as a miraculous symbol, to mark the birth of Jesus Christ

The Magi were inspired by the shining star, to travel to Jerusalem. Upon receiving the information that a messiah will be born in Bethlehem, they started moving towards that direction. They followed the star and reached the place, where Jesus was born. They commemorated his birth, worshipped him and gave him gifts, before returning back to their own country. 

The star is a very popular symbol, with Christians all over the world who celebrate Christmas. However, in some cultures the star is seen a symbol of Satan’s instrument. According to them, the star attempted to draw both danger and the astrologers, to the place where Jesus was born. The danger here is referred to Herod, the king of Judea who was a Jewish Roman. According to theologians, the star fulfilled a prediction, which is known as the Star of Prophecy. 

Modern astrologers have varied explanation for the star. Some of them are that it is a comet, a planet, a nova and a conjunction among other explanations. Another argument is that the Christmas star was fiction, which was created by the author of the Gospel of Mathew. However, the biblical accounts say that the visit of the magi happened several months before the birth of Christ.

Christmas Tree Star

The most popular tree topper, used during the holiday season is the Christmas star. Rather than buying the tree star, it will be a good idea to make it at home. Other than in the tree, the star is also very popularly used in the nativity scene. There are some carols as well, which talk about the various things connected to the star. The multi-colored tree star, give a nice dazzling look to your decorations; so whether you are using a natural tree or an artificial one, do not forget to get the star to put on the tree top. 

Christmas Tree Decoration

There are various ways to decorate the Christmas tree. The first thing, you must consider for the decoration, is that the tree must be green and fresh, if you are using a natural tree. There are some natural preservatives, which you can use to prolong the life of your tree, during the holiday season. Lights, ornaments and tree toppers, are the main things, which are used to decorate the trees; though you can always come up with something new to give a different look to your tree. Even the Christmas star that you use for the tree decorations can be something unique.

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Christmas Star
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