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Christmas Stores in Italy

Fashion at its heights is what Italy is all about. If you are a fashion freak drooling over the clothes you get to see the FTV models wearing, Italy can make your dreams come true. Don't bother about the prices; you need to have a daring frame of mind if you desire to wear daring clothes.

It goes without saying that, the hub of fashion, Italy has loads to offer to a shopper and if you are a compulsive shopper, drooling at the very sight of the designer shops, we have great news for you. Christmas Stores in Italy are fantabulous .Prada, Gucci, Frendi and Armani might sweep you off your feet but the towering prices sweeping you off your feet seem to be a natural corollary too. But there is nothing to be disappointed as, outlet stores and the outlet malls are a budding phenomenon in Italy and provide an opportunity for all to avail the branded goods at reasonable rates and more often than not, at rock bottom prices during the discount season.

Certain things need to be kept in mind while opting for Christmas Shopping In Italy. Shops are closed on Monday mornings and many a times remain closed throughout the day. Be prepared to stand in the queue, if you are targeting the outlet stores of the designer galleries. Be there before the shop opens at 9.30 or you might just end up standing in the queue for hours. For a better understanding of the retail shops and their discount range and seasons, buy a book "Lo Scopri Occasioni" by Theodora Van Meurs, available in most of the lead book stores. Don't fail to avail the Detaxe i.e. refund of the taxes on one's purchase on leaving the European Union.

Provided below are the names of a few malls, departmental stores and designer gallery outlets that can be of help you while shopping for Christmas stuffs in Italy.

Natale Oggi
Cinecitta Due
I Granai
I Gigli
Rocco Casa
Centro Commerciale La Romanina
CinecittaDuo Centro Cmmerciale
Centro Commerciale Esselunga
The prada outlet is located in the town of Montevarchi in Tuscany,the Gucci outlet in Tuscany( Leccio Reggello), the Armani outlet in the town of Vertemate, near Como are just to name a few.

For more details on Christmas Stores in Italy log on to Christmas Carnivals.

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