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Christmas Stores display loads of exquisite Christmas merchandise ranging from artificial Christmas trees to Christmas crafts and Christmas ornaments ideal for beautiful indoor and outdoor decorations. The tradition of Christmas stores began with F.W Woolworth in 1880 when he made brisk sales of numerous German glass ornaments from his own store on the occasion of Christmas.

About Christmas Stores

  • Cardboard ornaments, tin metal Christmas ornaments, and paper decor were popular in the Christmas store until the 1900's. With all the modern advances in the Christmas industry, decorating for Christmas has become an art form.

  • During the holiday season the magic of Christmas comes alive with the creativeness of the Christmas stores around the world. Various collectibles showcased on Christmas stores can be discussed under the following heads:

  • Christmas Artificial Trees and tree Lights – Christmas stores display a multitude of artificial Christmas trees of variegated patterns and shapes.

  • There are large artificial Christmas trees used for outdoor yards and craft shows as well as miniature trees of 2-3 foot. These trees are generally dark green in color and are shaped in the form of pinecones. Expensive ones have lighting facilities on them.

  • Mini lights, Rope Lights, LED Bulbs and Icicle lights make brilliant illumination.

    Christmas Figurines and Nativity Scenes – Beautiful Christmas figures of large and small size depicting Santa, sleigh, reindeer, Mary, Joseph, Three Wise Men and Baby Jesus are perfect for setting up a whole Nativity Scene in our house.

  • Christmas Gifts – Beautiful Christmas gifts made of porcelain, plastic, cookies and woods are available in various prices. Candleholders, gingerbread house with Santa and Sleigh, gift baskets, stitch crafts and Christmas Cards are the common Christmas gift items found in all Christmas stores.

  • Christmas Ornaments – German glass ornaments, gold Christmas angel ornament and other ornaments in a wide variety of wood, acrylic, bone china and porcelain are displayed in abundance on all Christmas stores.

    To learn more about Christmas stores visit Christmas Carnivals.

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