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Christmas Stores in Venezuela

Shopping in Venezuela is an experience in itself. If this is where you plan to shop this Christmas, here is Christmas Carnivals providing you information on Christmas Stores in Venezuela.

The largest city of Venezuela, Caracas is usually considered to be the fashion capital of the country. From imported goods, jewelry to the unique Venezuelan art and crafts here you will find it all.

The city is dotted with some of the world-class shopping malls like the Central Commercial Ciudad Tamanaco, which is famous for the array of fashionable boutiques, restaurants and cinemas. Centro Sambil in Caracas is in fact the largest shopping mall in South America with over 500 stores, each of which excel in their own department. Besides this there are also restaurants and theatres in the mall, where you can chill out while shopping, while your kids enjoy the amusement park rides. El Recreo and Paseo de Las Mercedes are the other major shopping malls in Caracas. Boliver is another fashionable city of Venezuela.

Shops like Expobrax, A Night at the Club, and Sure Fashion provide you with some of the latest and the trendiest of the fashion attires. However, if you want to buy something essentially Venezuelan for your Christmas gifts, the best bet will be on the local handicrafts, especially the colorful and exotic masks. The hand woven hammocks, locally known as chinchorros are also very elegant pieces of art as they are finely woven from the thin strands of the tough natural fibers. Along with this you also get hand-woven baskets, hats and handbags, which really give your dress the exotic look. The ceramic wares, displayed brightly on the way side cannot be missed.

Enjoy your shopping in the Christmas Stores in Venezuela and celebrate this festive season with Christmas Carnivals.Browse through other links on this site to find out more on the Christmas Stores Worldwide.

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