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Christmas Stores in Zimbabwe

With Christmas round the corner, everybody tries to arrange for innovative showers and trims that would make them stand out from the crowd.

But if the handicrafts in your hometown have become so very common, that you get to see the same old ones adorning the shelves of every single shop, arrange for a vacation cum shopping spree in any other country of your choice wherefrom you can bring Christmas souvenirs and mementoes for your near and dear ones which would pose as Christmas showers for the festive season.

If handicrafts and hand woven and textured stuffs are to your liking, you are bound to like the goods Zimbabwe has to offer. The remnants of the tribal culture in Zimbabwe get so very explicitly reflected in the handiworks of the inhabitants, that they might just take you a thousand years back in time. Christmas stores in Zimbabwe mostly deal in native handicrafts which sell like hotcakes during the tourist seasons as millions primarily flock to get a glimpse of the rare tropical species of fauna and flora while the adventurous follow the nature trails, indulge in white water rafting or hiking.

If handicrafts are what you are specifically looking out for, try touring the villages and lesser-known towns where you might stumble upon mind boggling craft items that too at rock bottom prices. Settle for bulk purchase, as these items are far more expensive in the city stores.

If you are merely collecting mementoes for your folks back home, the famous Bulawayo Center in Bulawayo can serve your purpose.

One of the major attractions of Zimbabwe, The Eastgate Centre is basically a shopping mall cum office block, which is famous for its passive cooling technology. Located in Central Harare, on Rubert Mugabe Avenue and Second Street,this is probably the first building in the World to have implemented this technology and taken it to such sophisticated heights.

Other malls include The Mall in Harare and The Westgate mall.If you want everything under one roof, visit the stores of the Meikles and Barbours. Meikles Africa Ltd owns not just several department stores in Zimbabwe but are also owners of quite a number of posh hotels.So settle for a two in one arrangement. Book a posh hotel suit and shop till you drop.

For more details on Christmas Stores in Zimbabwe log on to Christmas Carnivals.

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