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Counted Cross Stitch Christmas Stockings

Bucilla Christmas Stockings
As the Christmas season begins to kick into high gear, there is nothing that symbolizes the anticipation of the holiday period quite like the stockings on the fireplace. For many families, bringing out the decorations means hanging counted cross stitch Christmas stockings hand-sewn by a beloved family member. The detailed designs and sturdy construction are made to last, meaning the recipient may have it for every Christmas for the rest of their life.

Unlike sewing something on a felt pattern, creating a stocking on one of these patterns means you’ll have to know your half-crosses and pettipoint before you get started. However, if you are willing to put in the time, this is a great way to show someone how much you care about them – at a time of year when family is most important, no less.

Counted Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking Kit Types No matter who you are making the stocking for, there’s a good chance you can find a kit to match their interests. Whether you make something with a traditional scene or the logo of a favorite sports team, the days of a plain red stocking are long gone.

Some of the popular felt stocking kit patterns are: The Christmas angel is a favorite among bird those who wish to keep the reason for the season in mind. Commemorate the choirs of angels singing to the shepherds heralding the birth of Jesus. 

Do you have an eager set of eyes focusing on the tree every day? Make a nod to the anticipation with a picture depicting a child peeking around the corner at the presents in the living room.

Will you miss out on a white Christmas? Pick a Winter Wonderland scene with a snow-covered house and a family playing in the yard.

The guy who will be filling the stocking is Jolly Ol’ St. Nick, so maybe you can remind the recipient he’s coming by picking a kit with his picture on it. A range of designs featuring Santa Claus in different forms, whether the customary red suit with boots or playing football, are out there.

There are all sorts of traditions surrounding Christmas, so you might find something a bit out of the ordinary to surprise your loved one. If they like the color purple, for example, search out the Celtic-inspired Amethyst pattern and incorporate their favorite hue into the decorations.

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