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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Stockings » Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking

Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking

If you really want a new stocking in Christmas to hang in your window for Santa to put in his gifts, you can choose Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking.

Various types of Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking

  • Christmas Patch Work: As the name suggests, this stocking is a beautiful collage of the major Christmas icons. With a predominant brown base and a distinct touch of green at the tip of the toe, the stocking has the bearded face of Santa, a queer form of Christmas tree and some flowers. The color contrasts and combination add to a very ethnic appeal to the felt stocking.

  • Down the Chimney: This type of stocking upholds the conventional and traditional idea that Santa enters the houses through the chimneys. There is a bricked chimney in this stocking and it is considered to be the entrance of Santa with his sack. This bright and vibrant stocking can be a lifetime possession.

  • Glittering Snowflakes: A Christmas without snow is unthinkable. The essence of the snowy Christmas is vividly captured in this stocking. With blue and white providing the major colors, the stocking has patters of starry flowers and light snowflakes.

  • Roses and Holly: The unique charm of this stocking is in the adorable red rose buds scallops over the cuffs, while the grassy green forms the body bordered with white laces.

Popular Bucilla Felt Applique Kits

Some of the popular Bucilla Felt Applique Kits are
  • Bucilla Baby Bear Felt Christmas Stocking Kit
  • Bucilla Black Bear Bonfire Stocking Felt Applique Kit
  • Bucilla Christmas Feast Felt Applique Stocking Kit
  • Bucilla Christmas Joy Felt Stocking Kit
  • Bucilla Cowboy Santa Felt Christmas Stocking Kit
  • Bucilla Drummer Boy Felt Applique Christmas Stocking Kit
  • Bucilla Garden Santa Felt Stocking Kit
  • Bucilla Musical Skiing Santa Felt Christmas Stocking Kit
  • Bucilla Partridge In A Pear Tree Felt Stocking Kit

Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking will make the Christmas celebration unique and special.

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