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Christmas Carnivals » New Year Calendar 2012

New Year Calendar 2012

Christmas is celebrated across the world with great fun and fervor. Christmas celebrations are followed by another grand occasion. Year 2012 is on the way and is knocking at your door! Open your door with a big bang and celebration, as this is the best way to welcome a new arrival. It has brought along a lot of joy, happiness, hopes and aspirations. It would enable you to fulfill all your dreams and ambitions. New Year 2012 symbolizes beginning of a new life. Arrival of New Year signifies beginning with new hopes and aspirations by taking off the old worries and woes.

Different New Year Calendars

There are various types of New Years calendars, which are made on the basis of different theories. Different cultures have their own New Year calendars and the people of the respective culture celebrate their New Year according to that calendar. However, the most popular calendars that are observed throughout the world are Lunar, Solar, and Lunisolar calendar.
  • Lunar Calendar: Lunar calendars indicate the moon phase. Example: Islamic Calendar

  • Enter the worlSolar Calendar: Solar calendars measure time on the basis of earth’s revolution around the sun. Example: Persian Calendar. d of eye-catching New Year Calendars. Download these beautiful New Year Calendars on your desktop.

  • Lunisolar Calendar: Lunisolar calendars synchronize motions of the moon to the apparent motion of sun to measure time. Example: Jewish Calendar

    Usage of New Year Calendars

    New Year calendars help you to keep the track of time and date. But besides this, there are a number of other advantages of these calendars. You can maintain your schedule with the help of calendars. You can also plan any future events with the help of these. New Year calendars often come with nice colorful pictures, which you can easily use to decorate your home. Beautiful calendars can be used as New Year gift items as well.

    for more information log on to Christmas Cranivals.

    Various Themes of New Year Calendars

calender 2012  calender 2012  calender-2012
calender 2012  calender 2012   calender 2012
calender 2012   calender 2012  calender 2012 
calender 2012        
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